Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Easy Prep Spring and Summer Math Game Freebies!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

The Great Divide is showing up all over social media ... teachers with flipflops enjoying a lemonade, teachers still knee deep in the great push to complete end-of-year assessments and paperwork while still teaching and trying to keep kiddos motivated.

No matter where you are in this annual teaching saga, I figure it's about time to share a few freebies from one of my favorite recent teaching resources. After all, those of you already enjoying vacation will be heading back while it's still summer, right? And who couldn't use a few new easy prep games at one of the busiest times of the year?

Here's a closer look at Lilypad Leap, one of the two games in this free pack. As you can see, there's a higher level of instant recall of addition and subtraction facts needed for success in this game. (I'm kinda sneaky/obsessive that way - I like to keep the kiddos on their toes!)

Why do you need these games?

* They're great for end-of-year review in first grade or beginning-of-year startup in second. Of course, you'll find lots of use for them in year-round schools or summer school, too!

* They are truly easy prep - there are no cards to print and cut, and each game is just one page!

* They are not just pencil and paper work, which means higher engagement from your students and no papers for you to mark!

* They are versatile! Each game comes in both full color and blackline. You can have your kiddos color the blackline as an ink-saving alternative. Or, print them in color to use in your math centers and then send home copies of the blackline as part of your summer learnng packet!

* They are games, which means they're hidden learning that your students will want to do again and again!

Click on either picture or here to download your free games!

If you like these games and are interested in the full set of 30 Spring Into Summer Partner Games for addition, subtraction, place value, and geometry, you can find it here.

Happy Teaching!

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