Saturday, January 23, 2016

Missing Addends Riddle Cards - Monkey Madness!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

If you're teaching missing addends ... if you've EVER taught missing addends... you know it can be quite challenging! Whether you teach missing addends with manipulatives or with number lines, as counting on to the total or subtracting - wait, you do all of these, right??  Well, you also know that most students just can't get enough practice on this skill!

Riddles to the rescue! Riddles are high interest, motivating, and the format of these riddle task cards beats a worksheet hands down!

When your students finish this set of 24 task cards, they'll have completed 72 number models for missing addends! And they won't even realize it, because these elimination riddles are fun!

How can you use these riddles in your classroom? Here are a few ideas!

* Use in a math center for individual or partner work
* Use with your document camera for whole class review or to 
focus attention at the beginning of a
   math lesson
* Use as a skills review rotation, individually or with partners, with students moving to stations 
   around the classroom to solve the clues - think "Scoot!"
* Use for morning “bell ringers”
* Use as exit tickets
* Use as challenge work or for early finishers

You might even have your students use them as models for creating their own riddle task cards! Writing, math, logic... I just love it when a few standards pile up on top of each other in one lesson!

If you find that you enjoy using these riddles, here are a few more (okay, a bunch more!) that you might like!

You can find these and more in the Riddles category at my store. Plus, these are fun to make, so you can be sure that more are on the way! If you have suggestions of sets you'd like to see, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment! Thanks!

Happy Teaching!

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