Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter Writing Freebie

Hello, Teaching Friends!

The housecleaning continues at my TpT store ... I should only be so energetic with the vacuum and scrub brush in our own house!

Here's the result of today's "spiffing up"!

I took two previous freebies previously posted separately, switched up some fonts and graphics, and combined them into one easy download. Here's what you'll get in your Winter Writing Toolkit.

Add a spinner to the Story Clock and you've got twelve winter story starters.

Print the story cube on cardstock, cut, and tape or glue it together, and your little writers will be on their way to writing five winter sports stories.

Lastly, here's a writing tool that with two rolls of a die will give your students 36 writing suggestions, mostly kind of silly, but, hey, don't we all know that kidlets LOVE silly!

Click on the cover pic or here to get the all-shined-up new version at my TpT store.

Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Downloads

Happy Teaching!

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