Thursday, November 19, 2015

Winter Fun with Place Value Games

Hi, Teaching Friends!

A good understanding of place value is the basis for success in so many other areas of math. Are you ready to freshen up your math centers for winter with some new ways to practice first grade place value standards?

I've just finished up a set of twenty winter-themed games that I think you'll love!

Here are the highlights:

*  Each of the games is just one page, with no cards to print and cut. Quick and easy!

*  Each game comes in two formats: color and grayscale. Read: save your ink! Even the color version has 20% or less color on each page.

*  Use these games in your math centers. Then copy the grayscale version to send home for family math. There's a letter included to explain it to the families.

* The games are packed with winter fun that your students love, like snowflakes, igloos, sledding, snowbirds, polar bears, and those adorable winter kids from Creative Clips!

* Last (and this just might be your favorite...), this set is half price for the first 24 hours - $4 for all twenty games!

Here's a quick peek at a few of the games...

Please stop by my TpT store  to find out more!

Happy Teaching!

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