Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pirate ABC's

Hi, Teaching Friends!

The Pirate Mayhem continues! Since so much of what I've been sharing for Talk Like a Pirate Day over the past few weeks has been for first and second grade, let's talk about some fun for the tiniest pirates, our PreK and kindergarten friends!

Here's a cute printable for a pirate-themed alphabet hunt, from School Time Snippets. With your kiddos searching the room for letters, this would be a fun and active alphabet experience.

From Melissa Freshwater at TpT, here's "Shiver Me Letters", a free set of adorable pirate-themed alphabet cards. You just can't get too many sets of alphabet cards ... use them for sequencing matching, sorting, assessment, and memory games like concentration.

Here's a huge pack of pirate fun and learning from Pam at Over the Big Moon. This set includes cuttting, sorting, matching, letters, patterns, numbers, puzzles, and lots more!

How about a fun pirate alphabet book? Have you seen Twenty Six Pirates by Dave Horowitz?

Cute and clever pirates, great for alphabet practice, predicting from the picture, and phonemic awareness using the rhymes. On this page for example, on your second reading of the book, have your students complete the rhymes: " Pirate Paul. Cannon ......", "Pirate Quaid. Not ......". Great for producing rhymes and also for using pictures for information.

If you're looking for more read-alouds about pirates, try these!

Last, here's a freebie for matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Each of the cards in this set has an uppercase and a lowercase letter. Match each uppercase to its lowercase form and build a trail to the pirates' treasure!  Click and enjoy!!

Happy Teaching!


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