Sunday, September 20, 2015

Apple Graphing - It's a Primary Thing! {{Apple Freeebies!!}}

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's apple season! Tasting apples and graphing our favorites is a classic activity in most primary classrooms... graphing apples is our thing! Have any of you had this happen to you when it's time to get ready to graph your favorite apples?

Go to the grocery store, pick out a few interesting varieties of apples, make a lovely graph, smartly file away the graph to use again next year. Come the following September, find the graph again (the finding is sometimes its own small miracle, right?), go to the grocery store, find all of the apple varieties except one. It's not at the second store either, or the third... make another new graph.  Grrrr.

So, if you find yourself in the same sad boat, I hope this will be a mini-sanity saver for you.  Three blank graphs (two column, three column, four column), ready for you to label AFTER you buy your apples. (Note: You'll have to write them in by hand after you print. Sorry, I still haven't mastered making documents editable. : / ) Many thanks to Mel at From the Pond for the font and graphics!

The whole apple experience is so full of learning opportunities for our littles, from the five senses to enjoying great books to math, like cutting apples into fractional parts, counting apple seeds, and more. Here's an apple-themed ten frame freebie from my TpT store.

Another math freebie, this one from my blog.

Or save more and get more with this apple math bundle! It includes the set above, plus an apple addition craftivity and a set of four hundred chart games.

Enjoy, and happy applin'! ;)

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