Sunday, April 19, 2015

Get Your "Animals!" Pack FREE!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Little learners love to learn about animals, and frankly, I love to teach about them, too! First of all, I think it's so much fun to empower our students with new information, knowledge that expands their schema and fuels their curiosity for more reading. Second, I don't think there's ever been a schoolyear when I didn't learn something totally amazing that I'd never heard or read before! It's fun to learn something new, and it's a great thing for our students to know that we are learning side-by-side with them, that our learning never ends.

Of course, being the cross-curricular-ly-minded teacher that I am {sorry, but that totally demanded making up a new word!!}, I had to find ways to expand learning about animals into every corner of our day! Some of those other learning experiences in literacy and math, plus quite a few more, are gathered into this pack which is currently a "DEAL!" at Educents!

Here are a few "close-ups" of what this pack includes.

This pack is currently 35% off, just $8.75 for the next few days, only at Educents.

But here's the Really Great Deal! 
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Have a great week! Happy Teaching!

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