Sunday, April 19, 2015

Learning About Animals through Math and Literacy

Little learners love to learn about animals, and frankly, I love to teach about them, too! Here's why!

First of all, I think it's so much fun to empower our students with new information, knowledge that expands their schema and fuels their curiosity for more reading.

Second, I don't think there's ever been a schoolyear when I didn't learn something totally amazing that I'd never heard or read before! It's fun to learn something new, and it's a wonderful thing for our students to know that we are learning side-by-side with them, that our learning never ends.

Of course, being the cross-curricular-ly-minded teacher that I am {sorry, but that totally demanded making up a new word!!}, I had to find ways to expand learning about animals into every corner of our day!

Here are some other learning opportunities for bringing science into literacy and math.

20 animal riddles, plus a riddle writing activity and an activity that you can use in a literacy center or a science center.  Click here to see it!

80 pages of literacy-based science activities.  Includes activities for ...

* compare and contrast * fact and opinion * classifying * labeling diagrams * 
* alphabetical order * using graphic organizers * fluent phrasing *
See them all here.

Bring some math into your science (or some science into your math...) with this wildcats game 
for practicing sums of ten. Click here to find out more about this set.

Have a great week! Happy Teaching!

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