Monday, February 23, 2015

Celebrating Teacher Heroes with a Super Sale!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

In the current climate where teaching sometimes seems to top the list of disparaged professions, take a moment to think about the things that make you a hero in the eyes of your students every single day.

You are a hero to the child who had no breakfast when you slip him a granola bar.

You are a hero to the child who gets no academic support at home when you don't dwell on the undone homework but instead give him a few extra minutes of help during your lunch period.

You are a hero to a child when you give her the first smile she's gotten all day.

You are a hero all day, every day. It's a heavy responsibility, but if anyone can handle it, we all know that it's a teacher!

So, as you may have heard by now, Teachers Pay Teachers is celebrating You, the Heroes, with a sitewide sale!

As I've done previously, I've created a little Followers' Newsletter to guide you to some of my new resources and old favorites, too. I hope you'll stop by my store to download it!  In it, you'll also find links to more than a dozen freebies! Do you like my optimism in titling it "Spring Newsletter"?  ;)

If you're a follower at my TpT store ... THANK YOU!! Your support is such an encouragement to me! Please remember to check your TpT Inbox for info on how to get your Followers Exclusive Freebie!

Happy Teaching!

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