Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I love the way Thanksgiving brings us back to thinking about what's really important, the things without which our lives would not be the same. That very act of thinking about those things is a warm and settling feeling, don't you think? I've heard it called an attitude of gratitude.

I shared this image from Lifehack on my Facebook page recently. I think it's so true.

The list of who and what I'm thankful for is incredibly long ... I am truly blessed!!

My top three?

1. The assurance of the presence of the Lord in my life, to guard and to guide me.

2. My wonderful husband ... we just celebrated our 40th anniversary this month!! Now that's a blessing!

3. My family ... two wonderful daughters, three amazing and oh-so-fun grandchildren ... and number four is on the way this spring! Yay!!

I hope you'll get to take some time in the coming days to slow down and really think about what makes your life the way it is, the things you'd never change even if you could.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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