Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are You Heading to the Pumpkin Patch This Fall?

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you taking your class on a trip this fall for an up close and personal look at a farm?

We've had the great pleasure this summer of enjoying amazing produce from our local Community Supported Agriculture farm, Argos Farm in Lacey Township, NJ.  CSA farms are a terrific way to support local farmers and enjoy fresh-picked delicious fruits and veggies all season long. And in the case of Argos Farm, everything is also non-GMO and organically grown. Just look at the goodness we've been getting every week!

Getting such an assortment of fresh produce every week has really pushed me to be more adventurous in cooking ... like, who knew that we'd actually be looking forward to roasted okra, green beans, and peppers ... a few nights a week for the past two weeks! Not one bit boring, just
dee-licious! I'd never cooked fennel or Swiss Chard until now.  And the kale chips, ohhh, the kale chips!

So, now that October is here, Argos Farm has transformed into Fall Country Fun! Corn maze, pig races, giant slide, cow train (you've got to see the cuteness to believe it!), pony rides, jumbo jumper air pillow, ... all great stuff.

But give me a beautiful pumpkin patch over all of that any day.

The pumpkins are ready and the field trips have begun! A little kid with his or her arms filled with a fat little pumpkin is a beautiful sight, don't you agree?

I had the opportunity this year to team up with Angela at Argos to put together a booklet of activities for the teachers who'll be bringing their classes to the farm. It's a set of activities for PreK-2, designed to use in school or send home, to use parts or all, but most of all to use in that hour when you return to your classroom from the pumpkin farm and everybody is super charged up and the end-of-day bell won't be ringing for 60 long minutes! There are color-by-the-code addition pages, desktop dominos, writing templates, souvenir bookmarks, life cycle cut-and-glue, and lots more. The activities are low stress, but still educational and focused on pumpkins, of course!

If you'd like to take a closer look, just like my friend here ...

... click on the cover to see it!


If you're going to a local pumpkin patch this fall, please mention this set to the farmer.  I can customize this resource for their farm like I did for Argos Farm, with the farm name, logo, coupons, map, and even specialized activities. Just contact me at lnelson1118@gmail.com.

 Happy Teaching!



  1. What a fantastic idea! I dread that little bit of time that you have back at school after a field trip. This would be a great way to keep the learning and excitement going.

    The Math Maniac

  2. I think we all dread that time, Tara! It makes me think of when our daughters were little and I'd be out and about with them. They'd often doze off in the back seat after a busy day. Then when we'd get home and I'd collapse in a chair exhausted, they'd be recharged and ready to run! I hope this set might help some teachers who are feeling that way at the end of a field trip day.


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