Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey! What's That in Your Shopping Cart? Linky Time!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you a snoopy shopper? I sure am! I can't tell you how often I've come across something new and delicious after I spotted it in another shopper's cart at the grocery store. Sometimes a peek into somebody else's carriage reminds me of something on my list that I'd forgotten to pick up in an earlier aisle, or sends me back for a needed recipe ingredient that I'd forgotten to put on my list. And let's not even discuss what happens when I'm wandering the aisles in Kohl's or TJMaxx!

That's the idea behind this linky party. As a TPT shopper, you may not know that behind the scenes, teacher/authors can see how many people have wishlisted an item. Here's your chance to "peek into some shopping carts" to see some of the gems that TPT shoppers have discovered!

Each item listed below is the top wishlisted item in the teacher/author's store. The number in parentheses after it shows you how many people have already discovered each of these gems and put them on their wishlists.

I hope that this will be an easy way for you to find some new resources, and also browse through other items at these shops that may be new to you.  Remember, the REALLY BIG Teacher Appreciation Sale starts tomorrow and continues on Wednesday. TPT will offer 10% off {Remember to use the discount code TPTXO} , and most shops will be giving up to another 20%. At my shop, the 20% discount will continue through Thursday, because I'm kind of partial to procrastinators (I'll just let you guess why...).

Teacher/authors, here are the rules and requests: List only your top wishlisted item and include the number if you choose. One item per person, please. Sharing of this linky is kindly requested via blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, shouting from rooftops, etc.  Feel free to use the image above. :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thanks for the linky! I'm having one, too!

  2. Thanks so much for linking your great resources, Tam, Barbara, and Fern!

  3. Thanks for a fun linky! I linked up and shared your party!


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