Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Literacy Links

Hi Teaching Friends!

Congratulations to Gloria, Melinda and Tracy, the winners of Weather Literacy unit in the Springing into Science Blog Hop Giveaway! Many thanks to all who visited and participated!

My husband has a lifelong passion for all sorts of model trains, so we have a kind of "circuit" of about half a dozen train shows that we go to each year.  Now, truth be told, I'm not exactly "going" to all the shows with him ... quite often I just drop him off and head for the nearest outlet mall, craft shop, or garden center, my own way to add an extra dollop of fun to these little getaways of ours! ;)

Sometimes I actually do go to the train shows 'though, and that's where I found this cool little set of goodies. I think of stuff like this as Little Literacy Links, because some kids just will not be able to resist reading them!

These signs are about two inches tall, cost ten cents each  - now there are some words you never get to say anymore ...   I'm going to use them for Lego play and as game pieces with my also-train-obsessed grandson, but I can only imagine the ways some of you awesomely creative people would use these in your classrooms. 

How would you use these signs? Please share your inspirations!

Happy Teaching!

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