Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Practice Sums of Ten with a Free Math Game!

Are you always on the hunt for new ideas to help your students master sums of ten?

Here's a free partner game for you. It's my favorite kind of game... well, actually, I'm a fan of lots of different kinds of math games. But who doesn't love a game that...

    * has just one page to print

    * has no cards to print, prepare, or lose 

    * is easy to digitize ... just take a screenshot, save as a jpeg, and use with your favorite apps and              programs

I also love partner games because they're a great way to develop social skills, like taking turns, being patient with your partner, courteous words, encouraging the other player, and being a good winner OR a good loser!

Enjoy using "Making Ten on the Playground"!

Click to download your free copy. 

Do your students need more practice with making sums of ten? Here are three resources from my TpT store! Click on any cover to see the resource.



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Happy Teaching!


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