Sunday, December 1, 2013

Winter Alphabet Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Here's a little alphabet matching set for PreK and intervention teachers! It's just a simple set of letter cards, but sometimes adding some seasonal touches (like these cute graphics from Krista Wallden at Creative Clips!) is just the thing to get your little learners motivated. Enjoy this freebie!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use alphabet cards:

*  Working with two children, have them separate the cards into two complete sets, uppercase and lowercase. Then set your students up on the floor back to back and have them race to complete their alphabets. For more opportunities for teamwork, do the same thing with four students.

*  Give your students 6 or 8 pairs of letters. Show them how to turn them face down and play matching games.

*  Sit your students in a circle on the floor to play this simplified version of "I Have, Who Has". Give each of your students one or more of the lowercase cards and have them place their cards face up on the floor in front of them. Hold up one uppercase card and say "I have uppercase  ---. Who has lowercase ---?   When your students are ready, switch cards, so you'll hold the lowercase and they'll have the uppercase.

* Make even more of a game out of the previous activity! Make duplicate sets of whichever cards your students will be holding, so they'll each have three cards in front of them. When you hold up your card, anyone with the letter partner holds the card up to show you and then turns it face down. The first player to turn over all three cards wins the game. I love to use this with a small group!

To help your children start attending to the details of how letters look and sound, you might like to try this set of alphabet riddle cards. Click to see them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Happy Teaching!


  1. I love easy matching ABC cards!

  2. Thank you for linking up this week at Classroom Freebie's Manic Monday'!
    This is just terrific, I just love it!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Fern! Manic Monday is right up there with Freebie Friday, right? :)

  3. Perfect winter freebie - so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Love to Learn


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