Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scoot News , Plus Something Free ...Maybe!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

First of all, apologies for the lame post title. The only other option I was coming up with was "Hodgepodge Lodge", which I used to say to my kids about their messy rooms when they were little.
Sometimes, there's just no one good title to a smorgasbord of a post!

Two items to share today:

If you bought my ELA Scoot Games set, another one of the promised add-on games has arrived! It's Onset/Rime Scoot. Catchy, huh? I love this one, 'though ... lots of thinking for your little ones, combined with a really useful decoding skill. Here's a sample page of clues.

Those who bought this set early really got a dream of a deal! But even now, the eight-game set is only $7.00, and anything I add to it in the future will be yours to download at no additional charge.
Click here to check it out!

Second on the agenda: Tomorrow (11/15) is the last day to enter a giveaway at my Teachers Notebook shop. Three people will win this set of Common Core Math Games for Winter. It's a fun set that I had a great time making, so I hope you'll head over for a chance to win one!
Keep an eye on the giveaways for next week at TN ... I just might be giving something away for a big day coming up that starts with T and ends with g.  Shhhhhh - can't tell you yet! :)

Happy Teaching!

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