Sunday, October 27, 2013

Building Thanksgiving Sentences at the Pocket Chart

Hi, Teaching Friends!

When I was growing up, I remember having two little boxes filled with tiny cards - one was "Building Words" and the other, "Building Sentences". The boxes were each about 5" by 8", maybe an inch and a half high, and each one had at least a million cards in it.

Well, not really, but it sure seemed like it when I was five or six. Have you ever tried to make sentences (that make sense!) with magnetic poetry tiles? It's not easy. When you spill those babies out on the table, they go every which way, and it takes a few minutes to get the cards... and your brain... in order.

Kind of like this must look to our novice readers.

Some of our little guys are still struggling with letters and words, and are overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing cards like this into sentences. And yet we know as teachers that because building word cards into sentences is hands-on, it's likely to be more interesting to some of our kinesthetic learners or kiddos who struggle with small motor tasks like extended writing. 

And if we can find ways to make building sentences more interesting to do, our young learners are likely to do it longer and get more practice.

Here's a solution to that big daunting pile of a million word cards and similar dilemmas that confront new readers and writers

Narrow the field. Provide a limited number of word cards on one topic. 

Then, provide even more scaffolding for those who need it by giving sample sentences to model.

Themed word card sets for building sentences plus lots of models of sentences to construct are a great way to support new readers, as well as encouraging reluctant writers to make longer sentences.

Here's a free set to try, and guess what, it's even right in tune with the calendar! 

Here's just a peek at what you'll get in your free Thanksgiving download Click here or on either image to get yours free!


If you think that Building Sentences sets are a good fit for your teaching style, you'll want to keep reading!

You'll be ready with pocket chart center activity sets for the complete year with this bundle of 15 sets!
Each of the 15 sets includes word cards and sentences on strips to model.  They all have easy-to-assemble themed pointers, great for reinforcing directional behaviors and self-monitoring with one-to-one match.


You'll save 25% over the price of buying them separately!

Plus, the bundle includes an exclusive bonus, a set of math words and sentences. Hmmm, is it a literacy center?  Is it a math center?  Let's just call it a good multidisciplinary center!

Have fun using the Turkey Talk sentence building set!

Happy Teaching!

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