Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daily Deal on Scoot Game Set

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Well-rested, classroom sparkling, paperwork completed, super excited, new outfit, ... what?  Not quite there yet? Best three out of five, maybe? I don't know how it is for you mega-organized people, but when I was getting ready for the first day of school, I may have appeared organized to others, but I always felt that there was just one more thing (or maybe 100 more!) that I still wanted to do!

If that "one more thing" is to hunt up another game or activity for your incoming seconds (or maybe you're stocking up for the year ahead with your firsties!), think about Scoot!  Remember how your class loved to play Scoot last year? Well, your new kiddos haven't played it in two months, so they're likely to greet it with a cheer!

Scoot is just-plain-fun-while-you're-working for your students, but it's also great for you, because it gives you an opportunity to sneak in some early assessment of skills. As you know, taking time to go back and beef up those first grade skills as needed will pay off big time as you start your second grade math teaching. Who knows, maybe this year's class will have been working on those skills all summer and have them all solidly under control ... and maybe pigs will fly, and administrators won't give you five more forms to complete, and...

It's a good day to stock up on some math Scoot games, because over at Teachers Notebook, there's a Daily Deal - that's 40% off! - on my Rolling Through First and Scootin' into Second Scoot Games set. You'll get 10 Common Core games for just $4.20, down from $7.00!


Here's what's in the set. SSF. (Sorry so fuzzy.)


Click here to see it at Teachers Notebook.

Check my post at Teaching Blog Roundup  coming up this Thursday for more ideas about using Scoot games ... and quite possibly some news about a little freebie, too! While you're there, think about becoming a follower. You'll find lots of helpful info and freebies from many different teacher-authors every month!

One more quick note.
I just uploaded a new math set at Teachers Pay Teachers. I think you'll like the games and activities a lot, but I have to say that I'm in love with the cover and title. I hope you'll take a look!

Happy Teaching!


  1. You products look amazing as usual. I love that you have created so many versions of scoot because it really is a game that kids would love to play a few times a week.

    The Math Maniac

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Tara! As far as Scoot, I think that some kids would be glad to do just about anything again and again... as long as you let them get out of their seats to do it. I guess we should all take a hint from that as we plan our teaching, even more than we already do!



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