Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Math Resource - 50% Off!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I have finally finished an end-of-year math game set, and I'm so excited about it!

This set of seven games should be a big help in the last days of school. Each of the games is a single page, and comes in both full color and black and white versions. Use the full color versions in school for partner and small group practice (and everybody will be very busy reviewing Common Core Standards!).
Then print and copy one of each of the games for every student (and everybody will be very busy coloring them and playing them again!). Send all of the student games home in folders that they can decorate to their hearts' content (busy again!) and your students can play them all summer with friends and family (and they'll all be sharp-skilled and ready for second grade.. and the second grade teachers will be loving you!!) 

Looong description, but I think you get the idea .. productive "busy-ness" for the last days of school!
Guaranteed  that they will be okay, a better shot at the possibility that your students will be actively involved in math practice during their break!

The big news is that this resource will be half price for the first 24 hours ... starting right now! Regularly $4.50, it's now $2.25, so get hoppin' if you want the deal! :)  
Happy Teaching! 


  1. Looks like you worked on those a lot! Great work.
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. I sure did, Lucy, but I really love making games, and the challenge of making these only one page each made it even more fun!
    Thanks for your comment!



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