Friday, May 24, 2013

Are You a Busy Educator?

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Seriously, is there any such thing as a teacher who's NOT busy? Hopefully, this post might help you out during what surely is one of the busiest times in the whole school year.

My blogging friend Marjan Glavac is the author of The Busy Educator blog. The current edition of The Busy Educator Newsletter is packed with 25 ideas for the end of the school year.

Take a look - you're sure to find something to keep your students motivated. After all, isn't keeping your students on-task and motivated the biggest energy drain of the last days of school? Oh, unless it's squeezing in time for the last minute testing. Or maybe completing umpteen stacks of forms that may never be looked at again by anyone. Oh, yeah, or packing up your entire classroom... ah, exhaustion! Vacation is coming!!

While you're there at The Busy Educator, consider signing up to receive Marjan's informative newsletter. He says, "My goal is to help teachers and parents make a difference in the lives of their students and children by doing things that work."  Love it!

Just a quick note on the Teachers Pay Teachers fundraiser for Oklahoma. I'm told that the package is not quite ready yet, but I'll post the link here as soon as it becomes available!
By the way, over at Teachers Notebook, the current value of the bundle (being offered for any donation of $20 or more) is over $2,200. $40,000 has already been raised for Moore through the sale of this huge resource! Go, teachers!!!!  Click on the logo in the right column for more info.

Happy Teaching!

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