Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thinking and Writing - Freebie!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you working hard to get greater depth to your students' writing,  when you still have some who want to write "I like..." stories every single day? Some days it is truly like pulling teeth, don't you think?

Sometimes, you need to pull back, take a deep breath, and rethink things. More modeled writing combined with modeled thinking / think-alouds (like you do for modeling comprehension) is always a good beginning.

Here's a little set of thinking/writing prompts to help you with that. The three pictures and accompanying questions will guide your students in "pre-thinking" as a way of adding interest to their writing. Nice for use with your document camera!

Two announcements today:
1.  My friend, the amaaaazing Charity Preston, is launching another new project today! It's an e-magazine, packed with great organizational tips and tricks for your classroom. Click on the image below to get your copy of the very first edition FREE!! I just finished reading it, and I think it's somethng you'll really enjoy.

2.  Watch this blog on Saturday for some BIG NEWS! As Primary Inspiration nears its 500th follower, I've been thinking about a special way to say thank you. Those of you who like freebies are likely to be verrrrrrry happy with this celebration. Those of you who don't like freebies... well, sorry, I don't think we've met! :)

If you're not yet a follower, why not join now, so you won't forget to stop back on Saturday?

Happy Teaching!


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