Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Counting by Tens Off the Decade

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Welcome to the third day of continous freebies! Woo-hoo!

Today's freebie is a set of two spring-themed puzzles for counting by tens off the decade. In case this term might be a new one for you,  here's what it means:  counting by tens off the decade means counting by tens that doesn't start with a multiple of ten, like 14, 24, 34, etc. Being able to do this easily will help your students in their understanding of early place value.  It will also help them with mental math, both addition and subtraction.

Preparing this set is a breeze! All you'll need to do is print each page and cut it apart. I suggest keeping the parts of each puzzle in two separate bags, because... well, you work with kids. You already know why! ;)

You can add another layer of learning to these puzzles by having your students compare their results by pointing a reading the numbers on a 120 chart.

Happy Teaching!


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