Monday, January 21, 2013

Sending Valentines to Your Little Sweeties - Free to First 10!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Do you remember when you were little and went to the store with your mom to very carefully choose which package of valentine cards you'd send to your friends? In my case (which goes back waaaay farther than most of yours!), the cards were just sweet simple little messages, most often with a pun like "Will you 'bee' mine?" or maybe "You're out of this world!" with a rocket or a globe. There was always just one special  "To My Teacher" card.  Remember?

Well, now it's your turn to be sending the cards, and  those zippy little packs are oh-so-much more cool these days, with pencil toppers and superheroes and fun punch-outs and more.  Wouldn't it be fun to send a different card to each of your little sweethearts? How nice would it be at the same time to recognize each child's good character and uniquely important role in your class?

Here are two sets at my Teachers Notebook shop which will fill the bill! The first is a set of 22 different cards for your first through fifth graders, emphasizing the character traits of friendliness, kindness, honesty, and positive attitude.

The second set is specifically for your tiniest valentines, the PreK through first grade crowd. Again, there are 22 different cards in this set.

I had so much fun making these! They're just $1.50 for each set.
It's time for a quick giveaway!
The first ten people who leave a comment here, along with your email and your choice of the first or second (Shortest Sweethearts) set - well, I'll send it out to you free! Happy Early Valentines Day!
And, of course, Happy Teaching!



  1. They look so cute! I would love the second set.
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of

  2. Adorable! I pick the 2nd set. :-)

  3. I'd pick the 2nd set. Thanks!

  4. That is so sweet of you Linda. I like both of them, but I'm going to choose the first set with the character traits.

  5. These are soooo cute. I would choose the second set if you are giving them out. Thanks for coming up with something so cute.

  6. They look wonderful. I'd like the second set please.

  7. I'd love the second set...thank you!

  8. I'd love a set! Thanks! I'd like the 2nd set.

  9. Looks great! I would like the second set. Thank you!!

  10. That's Number 10! Thanks, everybody! I'll get your sets sent out tomorrow!


  11. Really Really cute! OOPS just missed out!
    Thanks Marilyn

  12. Just in case you go over 10... I would LOVE any set; simply adorable!!!!


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