Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sums of 10 Thanksgiving Game Freebie

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely fall afternoon! Our home is full of the lovely aroma of apple pies baking. My husband is really enjoying it, because, trust me, this doesn't happen often... unless I have some apple essential oils diffusing!

Before you know it, many of our homes will soon be filled with another luscious aroma - roasting turkeys! So, how's that for a not-so-subtle segue into telling you about the freebie I have for you today!?!

If you're working on sums of 10, you're probably using lots of hands-on activities with tens frames. Once your little guys are ready to move on to something with a bit more challenge, here's a Thanksgiving game that takes them a step higher. 

Your students will solve 32 addition math models and then sort them by their sums: equal to 10/ not equal to 10. You might want to provide tens frames and/or manipulatives for those students who need them while playing the game.

Click here or on the picture to get your free game.

This game is part of a set of nine Turkey in the Pot solve-and-sort games.  There are Turkey in the Pot games for ...

* addition facts
* subtraction facts
* recognizing multiples of five
* odd and even numbers
* comparing numbers
* Base 10 representations of numbers

Like the sample freebie above, all are Common Core aligned. Click on the collage below to see more at TPT.

Click here to see another free Thanksgiving game for practicing sums of ten!

Happy Teaching!


  1. A gobbling fun way to meet the CC Math standards! THANKS, Linda! Smiles!!!

    1. You're welcome. Love your name by the way ... stop learning and you stop enjoying life!


  2. This looks like a fun way to keep learning! Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday!

  3. Oh I love this! Sharing it on G+ and stashing it away to share with my readers on Teach Junkie at a later time!

    1. Oh, that's so nice of you, Leslie! I've got loads of freebies that I'm so happy to share. Thanks for your kind comment!

  4. So cute, Linda!!! Many thanks for linking up at Freebie Friday!


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