Sunday, October 28, 2012

Compare and Contrast - Freebie!

Hi, Everyone!

Some of my first graders had a difficult time with the skill of comparing and contrasting. Sometimes I would be sure that a child knew the ways that two items were alike or different, but he would have a lot of trouble putting it into words. Since the skill is fundamental to progress in literacy, science, social studies, and math, and it's woven through the Common Core standards from kindergarten through fifth grade, I was very determined to give all of my students a strong foundation in both understanding and applying it. I mean, wouldn't any teacher be? But sometimes some very specific teaching is called for, and it's tough to get together the resources you need.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you about a new resource that I just completed! It's a series of 45 pictures that use graphic organizers, class discussion, and partner talk to practice comparing and contrasting. These would be great to use on your SMARTboard, so you can complete them together as a class. You might want to do one a day, or maybe it would work better for you to block out more time once a week and do several. There are also three pages to print and have your students complete independently as an assessment.

Where's the freebie? ... Well, here it is! Click on the picture below to download your free set of 6 slides from the set. I hope you'll find them useful and fun for your class!

Have a great week in school!

Happy Teaching!

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