Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FREE Summer Story Cards

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Hello, Everyone!

As teachers, we know that new readers need lots of opportunities to read new texts at their independent level, but also benefit from frequent rereads:

* Fluency improves - pace, expression, phrasing, and intonation
* Mastery of sight words increases with repeated readings
* Integrated use of decoding strategies and self-monitoring increases with embedded opportunities to
   read new words in context.

...and all of this is even more true for struggling readers!

Simple sight word stories will give your new readers variety as they practice. This set of 5 summer-themed stories will work well in a literacy center. Laminate them and let your students "mark them up", looking for capital letters, Word Wall words, punctuation, etc.  Or, just print them and put them in a folder or box in your classroom library. They're a good choice for buddy reading, too.

Would you like a little "try before you buy" AKA freebie? :)

Click on this cover to get 2 free story cards that are not included in the paid set!  Enjoy!

Happy Teaching!



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