Monday, June 25, 2012

Free Four in a Row Game for Opposites

Hi, Teaching Friends!

First, I'd like to thank you for the many kind and encouraging comments you left here, on TPT, and on Pinterest regarding yesterday's post on Sharon Dudley. If you missed the post about this inspiring educator, click here.

A few weeks ago, I shared a free Summer Vocabulary Four-in-a-Row game with you. Since it proved to be quite a popular post, I though I'd make a new variation. So, here is a four-in-a-row game for antonyms. The game is designed for end of first grade through early third, and would also be good for small group remediation or ESL. Click on the picture to collect it at google docs.

Happy Teaching!


  1. This looks really fun. Going to try this with my son.

  2. What a terrific idea, I love this!
    Thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!

  3. Hello! I just happened across your blog this morning and wanted to say thanks for the 4 in a row freebie! I look forward to using this in my guided reading groups with students. Stop by and say hello sometime! =)

  4. You're welcome, Heather. I just love the clever name of your blog... isn't THAT the truth- we sure can't make it up!!



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