Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Prompts for Writing, plus Amazing Writing Resources!

Okay, I'm breaking the blogging rules ( you know... never twice in a day), but I'm excited to share this cool resource with you!

WritingFix, sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project, is an amazing source of teacher-created lessons. If you subscribe (free!), they will send you monthly lessons based on outstanding mentor texts. They also maintain archives of all previous lessons. This site aligns well with 6 Traits, and has abundant resources for writing across the curriculum.

Todays email announced the winners of the annual student and teacher digital photo writing prompt competition.

Here's one of the winners. Too cute!!

Can you just imagine the great writing this could elicit?

There are also winners from previous years, like this one, along with samples of student writing in response to the photo.

You could just put these right up on your Smartboard tomorrow morning, but I know that you'll enjoy spending some time this summer exploring  the other great features at Writing Fix.

Happy Teaching!


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