Friday, April 27, 2012

3D Shapes - A Free Math Center Activity!

Freebie Fridays

Hello, Everyone!

Before I tell you about today's free gift to you, I want you to build a picture in your brain, as we say to the kiddos.

"Boys and girls, this is a sphere. (cupping hands around an imaginary ball). It's a sphere, not a spear."
(running across the front of the classroom, pretending to throw the imaginary spear I'm carrying above my shoulder).

Next picture: "It's not a prison (holding clasped hands up on either side of my face as I peer through imaginary jail bars), it's a prism!"

Ah, those tough words continue to befuddle the first graders.

Or course, we know that it's really about the concept more than the exact word, but wouldn't it be great if just a few more of the words could be recalled? By the time we finish talking it, teaching it, acting it out, reteaching it, and above all sorting and resorting lots of honest-to-goodness hands-on shapes again and again and again, we're still ususally looking for yet one more way to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary.

So, that being said, here's your freebie: a set of 24 dominoes for sorting space shapes. Or 3D shapes. Or geometric solids. Or whatever your math series is currently calling them. Add them to all of those pingpong balls, juice boxes, and birthday party hats in your Shapes Math Tub. Enjoy!

Laura Candler of Teaching Resources is hosting a collection of terrific ideas for your math centers at her Corkboard Connections blog. Click on the logo below to take advantage of this amazing resource. Check back often, because the collection is sure to grow!

Happy Teaching!



  1. Replies
    1. I appreciate your comment, Laura. Hope the dominoes will be useful for you and your class!

  2. Just downloaded this great addition to my work stations for next year. Thanks for sharing!

    Math is Elementary

  3. Whoa, Julie... excuse my delayed reaction!! I just came across your comment. I hope the dominoes are proving to be useful for you, and that you're having a great school year!!


  4. just what i needed. thank you :)


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