Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is the Super Bowl this weekend?

Okay, even I, who am one of the least-tuned-in-to-football people in the world, know the answer to that question! But for those of you - and of course your students- who now rank this as a national holiday, you might want to take a look at this game for compound words.

To play, students take turns reading the 3 words on a card and using 2 of them to make a compound word. There are 36 cards, and there's also another game board, "In the Doghouse", to play using the same cards. Response sheets for accountability are included for both game boards. Click on the picture to see it all at my TPT store.

Got to go...  I may not be all about the big game, but I've got to start planning the special snacks to munch on while we enjoy the commercials! :)


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  1. LOL - I am equally uninterested in football and live in Australia and I know it is superbowl too!


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