Monday, January 2, 2012

What are YOU doing today?

Do you follow the terrific Catching Readers blog by Pat Johnson & Katie Keier? They are the authors of one of my all-time favorite professional books, Catching Readers Before They Fall. The book provides a wealth of ideas and encouragement to teachers who work with readers who struggle in grades K-4... and if you are reading this blog, that probably describes you as a teacher!

Today's post at Catching Readers talks about how much time, effort, and passion teachers put into preparing for their work, and how so many teachers are using this extra day to plan, reflect, and organize. (Okay, even if you went back to work today  - think about what you were doing yesterday - and what you're doing right now!)

I hope you'll take time to read the whole post and to follow Pat & Katie, but I'd like to quote a bit here...

"...the interesting thing is that they are not complaining. They may make a few jokes about “yuck, back to the real world tomorrow,” but there is excitement in their voices. They are invigorated by the New Year – the chance to try a new idea, refine some old ones, organize or schedule in a different way, rethink how to support that group of strugglers, and so on. Some people may argue with me and say that it’s just the people I know who sound like “workaholics” or “type A personalities.” But, if that’s the case, then all I can say is, “How lucky am I to have such a terrific group of friends who are whole-heartedly dedicated to the children they teach!”  "

And how lucky I feel to be part of this community of teachers, teacher authors, and bloggers, filled with that dedication and passion for children! Keep up the great work!



  1. That is a wonderful way of putting it! I am heading over to check them out- thanks for the inspiration

    Going Nutty!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Staci - I hope that sometimes I actually can "inspire" - even just by pointing you to somebody else's wise words. Giveaways are a lot of fun, but that's not all I want this blog to be about!
    Have a Happy New Year!


  3. Early morning typo after sleepless night! :O


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