Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheez-Its Giveaway (well, kind of... )

Have you seen these crazy crackers??? I'm guessing that this is a "limited edition" sort of thing, but don't they just make your teacher's brain start humming?

My mind went right to word families...

... but there are LOADS of other things to do with these cuties, and that's where the giveaway comes in.

What would you do in your classroom with a box of Scrabble Cheez-Its? Leave your idea in a comment after this post, along with your email, for a chance to win (no, not a box of Cheez-Its!) any item of your choice from my brand new shop at Teachers Notebook! I'm adding new items every day, so I think you'll find something perfect for your class!

*** "Eat them when the kids aren't there" is not a valid entry! Awww, c'mon!

Enter by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18th. The winner will be chosen randomly, and notified that evening. Good luck!



  1. How about they use them to make their spelling words - or for a really quiet classroom to "text" their friend!

  2. These are so much fun! One of my students actually had one of the little bags for snack one day and we played a game at snacktime where he had to spell words before he ate them!!
    Of course I then bought the big box to use with activities in my class. I printed cards with sight words and we then spelled the words by placing the crackers on the card. We also used them with letter matching on an alphabet board!!

  3. You could have the students grab a handful of crackers and see how many words they can make in 4-5 minutes. (Like Boggle).

  4. My kids have used them with math and language. For example: sorting vowels and consonants, sorting letters with straight lines or curves, etc. They are fun and the kids love it because they get to eat them after we finish!

  5. Didn't even know these things existed! How about practicing ABC order as a center?

  6. The Cheese Its would be great to use for working with Syllables! Love these and can not wait to find them in the store!

  7. I have a special ed class. We have used them for spelling our names and the names of our friends. These are great for my kiddos because they are a built in reinforcer. I've also used them to spell out the alphabet or to fill in the missing letter.


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