Monday, November 28, 2011

Classroom Goodies from Target

Have you had a chance to check out the Dollar Spot at Target lately? It's full (as always!) of great stuff to jazz up your centers! Here are a few that I found today...

2 packs of wooden dreidels/ $1 :  There were also bags of gold-covered chocolate coins -gelt. The site has a simple set of directions for the dreidel game here, along with words and music for the Dreidel Song. If you've never played the dreidel game with your students, give this a look. Good cultural/seasonal learning, with some great math practice thrown in there, too! Hanukkah begins on December 20th.

Mini-erasers/$1 a pack: Chococat design, with cute kitties in their winter gear, along with some snowflakes. These would make great game board markers!

3D puzzles: Sugarplums, dinos, and Frosty. At a dollar each, quite nice for little student gifts.

Holiday pencils: $1 for 8 (10? not sure...)    Awesome as mini-pointers for Read Around the Room. I used to have a giant candy cane (about 30")  that I got at a dollar store. It made a totally fun pointer for December! Couldn't find that today, but in the Christmas department, they had these candy canes which would be great for the same use. They're colorful & sparkly styrofoam, about 15" long. and $2 each.


 As always, there were lots of cool containers at the Spot, good for card games, sorting, materials supplies (after all, even fuzzy dice need a home of their own, right?), etc.  There were sparkly Chinese take-out boxes in red, green, and gold, decorated felt buckets, and lots of other tins, etc., like this candycane-striped pail.
  Cute enough to use until Valentine's Day, I'd say!

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