Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pirate Day Freebies + Resources 30% Off!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Since Talk Like a Pirate Day is right around the corner - all the bloggers are talking about it ! :)  The cute, cute, CUTE pirates from KPM Doodles have inspired me, and I seem to be obsessed with making pirate math activities. I thought I'd do a quick listing here today! Just click on any of the images to get a closer look.

Let's start with a recent freebie ...Pirate Number cards. The post also includes four ideas for math games with the cards.

If you teach second grade math, you'll like this set of 24 riddle cards for addition, subtraction, comparing numbers, and coins. These were fun to make, and I think your kiddos will have fun with them, too.

Download the preview of Secret Treasure Numbers to get four cards like this one free.

Next up is a first grade favorite that will be perfect for your new second graders, too. It's a great collection of seven games for practice with adding and subtracting ten and multiples of ten.

This one's got a freebie in the preview, too. Just download and you've got "It's Time for Plus Ten!".

Ready for another freebie? Here we go! Your kiddos will be bouncin' in their seats with all the excitement of Talk Like a Pirate Day, so you might as well get them up and moving to get some of the wiggles out. Here's a way to do that ... another freebie for adding and subtracting ten. Click here or on the picture to get your "I Have..., Who Has...?" game!

Do you know Harry Kindergarten's song, "When You Subtract with a Pirate?"  Check it out here on YouTube. Then use this free template to create your own class book based on the song.

If you're a first grade teacher, you want to give your students lots of tools to build their flexibility with adding and subtracting. Here's a set of 45 multi-step clue cards to practice using the number line ... with some "yo ho, matey!" pirate fun, too!

"Pirate's Bounty" is a partner game for addition, with the bonus of practicing odd and even numbers. Always nice when we can sneakily squeeze in another standard, right? ;)

Want to save a few dollars? Three of these resources are bundled in this set.

Would you like to save even more? All of my pirate resources are 30% off at TpT from now until Pirates Day, the 19th. Enjoy, mateys!

Happy Teaching!


  1. Pirates are absolutely kids' stuff and I'm sure that kids will enjoy these freebies a lot! I really love finding resources that can help kids learn easily!

  2. These look amazing, Linda! What a great variety! And, I love that you are having a Pirate sale. Thanks for linking up for my Math Madness Wednesday, Pirates edition!

    Teaching Momster

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Krista, and for the opportunity to be part of your linky party!

  3. How fun! We love PIRATES!!! Thank you and have a nice weekend!



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