Thursday, April 24, 2014

Inching Along with Measurement

Hi, Teaching Friends!

A ruler in the hands of an untrained kiddo is a dangerous pretty much useless tool. Some seem to take to measuring very easily, but for others, lots and lots of practice is in order.

Here's a fun game for practicing using rulers to draw straight lines (a skill on its own, as anyone who's watched a child follow a spiraling ruler can attest to!), as well as drawing lines of a given length.

To play "Don't Cross the Line!", each of your students will need paper, a ruler, and a pencil. Call out
lengths from one to 12 inches. Students will draw a line of that length. The object of the game is to keep drawing lines, but never cross another line. (Okay, it's not actually a game, but they think it is, so they want to keep at it for a long time! Yay, lots of practice!) It's fun to keep interest high by letting them join in with you as you remind them, "Don't cross the line!"

Here are a few ways to vary the game:
For a longer game, use 12X18 paper.
For a more strategic game, use 9X12.
For more fun calling out the lengths, write 1-12 on scraps of paper and allow students to pick from them without peeking.

Need more practice or an assessment for measurement to the nearest inch? Check out this set of differentiated printables at my TPT store!

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Happy Teaching!

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