Sunday, February 9, 2014

Addition on the Hundred Chart - Adding by Counting On

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Do you eat your soup with a slotted spoon? Silly question - of course not! It's not the right tool for the job!

The same thing goes for math. Selecting the most effective and simple tool, or strategy, is the way to get the job done. So we fill our young mathematicians' pockets with lots of different tools, and guide them in selecting the right one for the task at hand.

The hundred chart is an awesome tool. Once a child understands how to use it for addition and subtraction, has an understanding of adding and subtracting tens, and can pop up a hundred chart in his or her head, two digit operations are a piece of cake. Truth be told, since I started to use the hundred chart more in teaching, I tend to find that it's on a little pop up menu of tools in my own head, too.

Whether you're introducing or reviewing addition on the hundred chart, here's a little Valentines version to try. All you'll need is a chart, one die, and some sticky hearts in a few different colors.

Take turns rolling the die and adding that many hearts to your chart. Record the number model for what you do each time. The first shot shows 4+3=7.

Roll again, use a different color heart, and this shows starting at seven and counting on five more, 7+5=12.

Easy practice, and the Valentines Day theme brings in some variety and holds attention. My hundred chart, by the way, is from MPM School Supplies. They're offering free shipping this month on all orders over $29. I find they have good prices and speedy delivery!

You may also want to try some cross-curricular practice with this Maddy and Matt Valentines Day printable emergent reader that practices the same skill. Maddy and Matt are putting their valentines into a box of 50 cards (aka the first half of a hundred chart). It's an easy-print book ... just collate, copy, staple along the left edge, and make one horizontal cut for each set of two books. Click on the image to see it at my store!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Teaching!

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