Monday, August 19, 2013

Notes from the Road

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Hope you are all well today! My husband and I are enjoying a great vacation. We're now in Chicago, and wow! Now I understand what everyone has been raving about! What an amazing city!!

Just wanted to remind you that today is the last day of the Back to School sale at TPT. I'll bet you didn't really need that reminder, did you?

I've picked up some terrific clip art for new projects, and how fun it was to buy them at 20% off + the additional BTS13 discount. Take a peek into the stores of Krista Wallden, Graphics from the Pond, and Little Red's Schoolhouse! Such talent!!

I couldn't get to sleep last night - apparently, the lure of the TPT sale overpowered the fact that the ol' pedometer reported that we walked more than nine miles yesterday! So, I spent a bit of time scribbling ideas for more ELA Scoot games in my little notebook, and should have a few ready to add within the next week or two. If you buy the set today at just over $2.50, you'll be able to continue to download it at no additional charge as new games are added! Here's a sample from one of the games, a CVC scramble.

Thanks for stopping by, and...
Happy Teaching!

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