Sunday, July 21, 2013

Writing Freebie for Back to School

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you busy preparing center activities for fall?  Here's a little freebie to add to your collection! If a student ( or 2, or 3, ...) is stumped for a story idea, have them spin the story clock spinner to help get started. Need an additional boost? Pair a student with a partner, have them sit knees to knees, spin the clock, and share ideas in a brief conversation. Chances are that your reluctant writer will be ready now with an idea about his new crayons, or the playground, or what's in his lunchbox.

The story clock is also a fun way to choose a topic for a shared writing mini-lesson, or for whenever you might be creating a Morning Message together.

Just download, add a spinner, and it's ready to go!

Happy Teaching!

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