Monday, April 16, 2012

Buy 2 Get1 Free Secret Sale Continues... and a FREEBIE for You!

Hi, Everyone!

My project-of-the-week (in addition to weeding, edging gardens, and mulching... and the rest of life! hah!) is updating my Summer Camp Literacy and Math Unit, which was one of the first items I posted at TPT last summer.  I'm changing it from Word to Powerpoint, which lets me have fun jazzing it up graphically, in addition to clearing my brain and my screen of the mayhem that revising a Word document often brings for me. I'm also adding several new activities (because sometimes I just can't seem to stop! :)

 I thought you'd like a little sneak preview freebie! It's an easy-to-make puzzle for practicing opposites in literacy centers.  The download also includes a black and white version - just jazz it up by printing on pastel paper, or print on white paper and let your students do some coloring before you laminate it!  Here's the link to the complete summer camp unit, 80 pages of math and literacy games, centers, and printables to complement your summer camp theme! I hope you'll stop by my TPT store to take a look!

Do you do a summer camp theme in your classroom?  I'd love it if you'd tell us about it!

Happy Teaching!



  1. Thank you so much for this puzzle!
    My students are working on specific IEP goals for following directions...this puzzle combines their goals with content (& fun!). I appreciate the freebie :)

    1. I love it when things work out like this... so very glad to help, Jen!


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