Monday, February 17, 2020

Freebies for Any Season!

Some blogging friends and I have joined together to share some freebies for any season, great resources that you can use anytime during the year!

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You can grab a total of 14 freebies by hopping to each PreK-2 blog until you end up back here! Keep reading to find out how!

Do you teach grades 3-5?  We haven't forgotten you! Click here to get on board the 3-5 blog hop!

Here's my blog hop freebie for first and second grade, eight math riddle cards with a fun shark theme!


Regular visitors here and at my TPT store know that I'm a big fan of teaching with riddles. Here are some reasons why I think riddles are a great teaching tool!

*  Because you need to listen to ALL of the clues to solve a riddle, teaching with riddles builds listening skills.  You'll also see your students' attention span grow!

*  You'll be checking off the standards when you teach with riddles, because riddles are the perfect way to model identifying key details, making inferences, and drawing conclusions!

*   Solving a riddle often depends on the use of prior knowledge. Connecting the clues with schema and using prior knowledge takes lots of practice.  As you talk through the thinking process in solving a riddle, your students will learn to use connections. Ask questions like, "How can you use what you already know to help you figure this out?"

* Riddles are SO MUCH FUN!  Kids love them, and beg for more. But to have a shot at solving them correctly, your students must read (or listen) carefully, and THINK!

Click here to read about nine ways you can use riddles with your class!   Psst! You'll also find another free set of riddles when you click over to that post!

This card set also includes the same riddles in worksheet format (nice as a homework alternative!), a themed hundred chart, a recording page, and an answer key.  Click here to get your free set!

Do your students love riddles? I have LOADS of them for grades k through 5th in my TPT store. Click here to see many of them and even more math riddles here!

Are you ready for your next freebie? Get hopping over to my friend Sally's blog at Elementary Matters!



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