Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Procrastinators' Rejoice! Plus a Giveaway and a Fun Tip

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Faithful followers might have noticed that we had no "What's New" linky party yesterday. This week is JUST. TOO. BUSY!! There's been so much buzz on blogs, FB, Pinterest, etc. about the TpT Back to School Sale that I thought it would be a good week to let the linky pass. It will be back next Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I also "let it pass" when it came to a few things I'd planned to purchase at the TpT sale. Fortunately ( gee, "unfortunately, fortunately" ... somebody should write a book like that...too late again ... procrastination... I digress, as they say), that happens to a lot of people so a good number of sellers are extending their sale one day for your convenience.

I've always loved to do this and have called it, quite aptly, Procrastinators' Day. Let's celebrate together! ;)  Click on the image to go to my store!

On to the giveaway, and it's a great one!

I also blog at iTeach First, and we are having a Back to School Giveaway with prizes that will knock your socks off!!

One lucky teacher will win an iPad Air 2 with a cute owl-themed case, stylus pen, and a $15 gift card to iTunes.You can use this iPad as a personal device, to lead whole group activities, as a small group learning station, an individual choice time, or as an enrichment activity. With so many great educational apps available, the possibilities are endless. How would you use it in your own classroom?  Click here or on the picture for your chance to win! Many thanks to Nicole Sanchez who does so much to give direction and organization to this blogging group!

And now, the teaching tip! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing DeedeeWills speak at the New Jersey Kindergarten Educators Association Conference. I love it when a speaker affirms what you believe to be true and important about children and teaching practices, and at the same time fills your cup with new ideas to think about. That was my day with Deedee! 

Here's one of her many great ideas that stuck in my brain: To save time and confusion with the awkwardness of calling ( and recalling, and recalling) individual names, Deedee gives each of her guided reading groups a name, like hamsters, turtles, etc., all those little animals that kids especially love.  Here's the twist: she lets the children in each group choose their own name from the list, but she gives the lowest group first choice from the list.  I love that!  Your low group might end out being the eagles and your highest the turtles. It's a different way of thinking about something that we already do anyway. It respects all learners, and it keeps things fun

Do you have an interesting way of naming your guided reading groups?

Happy Teaching!


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    1. Hahaha - love it! Nothing wrong with that, Debbie - we all blossom in different ways! Some aspects of my classroom and teaching have always been more creative than others. I mean, we don't want to make everyone else jealous, right? ;) {{wink, wink, double wink!}}


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