Saturday, May 16, 2015

Memorial Day Activities and Freebies

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Here comes Memorial Day ... parades, patriotic ceremonies, picnics, and for some of you, the threshold of summer vacation!  If you're in search of some inspiration for Memorial Day activities to use with your students this week, here are a few you may like. Bonus: they're all free!


From Charity Preston, here's a set that includes wearable ribbons, a word search, and a coloring page.

Here's a fun coloring page from First Grade is Fantabulous.

This Memorial Day emergent reader is from Josie's Place.

This set of 20 word wall cards from 123 Creations by L Ackert could be used for a writing reference, alphabetical order, or sorting. Think of all the sorts: number of letters, number of syllables, noun/verb/other, etc.

From A Cupcake for the Teacher, here's a set of 11 patriotic writing papers, with adorable graphics for the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

Conveying the deeper meaning of memorial day to K-2 students is not easy. An alternative is to touch on it briefly and then extend the discussion into talking about patriotism. It's a great occasion for making US flags!  If you've ever made flags with your students, you know how frustrated some children get when they just can't quite seem to get the placement of stars and stripes to look like ... well, to look like the Stars and Stripes!  At this post, you'll find a plan for painting American flags that really look like American flags! This is also a great project for Flag Day, coming up on June 14th.

You might prefer a cut-and-paste version, like this simple to make one from Housing a Forest. I love a project like this that looks "100% pure kid"!


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