Friday, March 13, 2015

One Million Views? Whaaaaat???

Hi, Teaching Friends!

San Jose, CA.  When I realized that the tally of views to this blog has reached 1,000,000, the first thing I did was shake my head in disbelief, immediately followed by a little happy dance.  Then I got curious and did a little googling to find a city with about that number of residents. Then I told my- husband-the-comedian that as many visits had been made to this blog as there are residents of San Jose, and he asked why all those Californians are interested in my blog. {small giggle, deep sigh}

I love this blogging adventure - for the fun of creating and sharing teaching resources, for the wonderful friends that I've made from all around the world, and for the way it keeps me involved with you and your students and with so much of what I loved about teaching during my career.  That so many of you are interested in what I have to share is truly amazing to me, 'though.  Amazing, humbling, and exciting, and I am truly grateful.

As a small way of showing my appreciation, I'm going to be offering some flash freebies on my Facebook page throughout the day, all day Saturday and Sunday. I know that FB can be kind of erratic in what it deigns to send where, so I hope you'll catch at least some of the freebies that I plan to be throwing out there throughout both days!

I'll be starting out with the nine resources you see here, but plan to add more if it seems people are interested. You can show how interested you are by sharing the posts with your friends!

If you're not yet following me, I'd love it if you'd visit my page at Primary Inspiration Teaching Resources by Linda Nelson. Thanks so much for joining in my celebration!

Happy Teaching!


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