Monday, February 23, 2015

"What's on Your Wish List?" Linky Party

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you a snoopy shopper? I know am! I can't tell you how often I've come across something new and delicious after I spotted it in another shopper's cart at the grocery store. Sometimes a peek into somebody else's carriage reminds me of something on my list that I'd forgotten to pick up in an earlier aisle, or sends me back for a needed recipe ingredient that I'd forgotten to put on my list. 

Well, that's the basis for this linky party! Let's help each other out by sharing the great finds other shoppers have already discovered and put on their own wish lists! It's an opportunity for you to find not just new treasures but also new shops that you might never have the time or good fortune to discover on your own!!

Flowers by Dandy Doodles at TpT!

My own #1 wish listed item is also my best-seller, 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart for Grades 1 and 2.  I'm so grateful to be able to say that I've sold one or more of these very nearly every day since it was featured in the weekly TpT Newsletter just about two years ago.

The set includes one hundred riddle cards like these. Each riddle is multi-step, and addresses a variety of skills, making them great for spiraled review. Teachers have also shared that they use them as sponge activities, for calendar practice, for small group lessons, in a math center, whole group with a document camera, and as an activity for a substitute teacher. It's quite a versatile set!

100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart also includes a hundred chart activity, solve-and-color page, and answer key.

Now it's your turn! Teacher/authors, here are the rules and requests: Please link directly to your one top wish listed item, not a general link your store. If you'd like, include the number of times it's been listed. One item per person, please. Sharing of this linky is kindly requested via blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, highway billboards, blimps, walking sandwich signs, etc.  Feel free to use the image above. :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you so much for hosting! Linda, I'm glad that you use the word "carriage" because I'm from the southern U.S. and use "buggy." I now live in Chicago where the only word to use is "cart," so I always get strange looks! :)

  2. Hahaha... isn't regional language interesting, Tam? Cart and carriage are pretty interchangeable here in NJ. I haven't heard "buggy", but ... I like it! :)
    Thanks for linking your cut-and-glue sentences. They look great!

  3. I'm so glad that you shared your link, Elizabeth!

  4. Thanks! I tweeted about this linky.

  5. I LOVE this idea. Thanks so much for hosting this.

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