Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Favorite Things Blog Hop

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I've been hinting at something REALLY BIG coming ... and here it IS!!!

I'm thrilled to be part of the My Favorite Things Blog Hop! This wait-until-you-see-how-amazing-it-is hop was organized by the wonderful Laura Graham of Where The Magic Happens, with the assistance of her very capable elves, Krista Mahan and Lisa Goodman.

More than 65 teacher/bloggers have joined up for this one! We're all going to follow the lead from "The Sound of Music" and share our "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" favorites with you ... just so we can all get to know each other better ... and maybe you'll discover some new and wonderful things that will become your favorites, too!

So, here are a few of mine!

Choosing one favorite restaurant is tough!  My husband really likes to eat out, and although I don't ever mind cooking, all I need is for him to mention eating out and I'm practically in the car and ready to go!  We're not heavy eaters or connoisseurs of fancy stuff.  We like main course salads and lighter healthy meals (with the occasional fall-off-the-healthy-wagon, of course!). We are  I am a big fan of coupons and discounts (why not eat out twice for the same amount of money, right?), so Groupon and the like tend to be one of the ways we find new places to try.

One of our most recent discoveries is a place called Nino's Coal-Fired Pizza, and wow, that's moved quickly to the top of our current Favorites List!

We've been there for both lunch and dinner and always been very happy with our meals. Sample: one day for lunch we shared the special, an individual Margharita pizza (12 inches), then shared an individual chopped salad ($6.95, more than enough for two, and they offered to plate it separately for us), and soft drinks. The bill was well under $20 with the tip included. Did I mention that they serve complimentary bruschetta ... with complimentary refills for the piggies amongst us? If you live near Ocean or Monmouth County, NJ , or maybe you vacation at our beautiful beaches, I definitely recommend trying one of Nino's four locations!

Fav # 2:  Favorite School Supplies

I love things that really work the way they promise (like that now-famous pencil sharpener!), and I also love convenience, as in not having to sprint across the building to make two cuts with the paper cutter. So sometimes I indulge in something that's more of a want than a need. Here's an example of that, my beloved long-arm stapler. Makes me happy! :)  What's your favorite school supply? Leave a comment to help someone else discover a new treat!

Fav #3: Favorite Place to Shop

Another tough choice. As in eating out, I tend to the thrifty side. I'd rather have the variety of three or four purses bought over time,using the magic trifecta of clearance, 30% off coupon, and Kohl's cash, than have one schmancy famous name bag that I'd want to last forever just because of the price. So, Kohl's was a definite possibility (oxymoron!) for this choice. But this one topped even Kohl's.

I love the convenience of one-stop shopping at Target, but I also love the panache ... there a reason we all call it Tar-JHAY! Reasonable, fun shopping, with just enough edgy style for me! Like all of you, I am magnetically sucked right to The Dollar Spot. I like that they have teacher conveniences like sticky notes and crayons, but I really love the "imagination stuff", like, how can I use these cute felt reindeer buckets in my literacy centers? They have the goods to give your classroom extra pizzazz!

I'm thinking you may have noticed that cute little gift card on the picture above. Did you notice that the sweet birdies look a lot like the ones on my logo? No coincidence there! Hmmm... bet you'd like to have an extra $20 to spend at Target.

You CAN!

There are seven gigundo gift packs in this giveaway, and there are 3 Target cards tucked in with all of the other goodies. Check the list below, and enter the Rafflecopter to win.  I'd LOVE to see the names of some of my sweet followers on the Winners List!

In addition to all this let's-get-personal sharing and giveaway fun, all of the bloggers on this hop are going to be sharing some super deals at our Teachers Pay Teachers stores this week!

Here's my plan: Each morning, you'll find four new featured items in my shop {those four pictures that are across the top of TpT store pages} marked down 50%. The sale price will be in effect until the next morning - when I'll put in four different resources for half price!

You can see them at my store by clicking here or going to the category "#myfavoritethings2014" in my Custom Categories List. I'll also be posting the featured specials every day this week on my Facebook page.  In fact, search for #myfavoritethings2014 at TpT to find lots of other items that are half off during this hop!

Here are my featured half-price items for today, 12/7.

Okay, friends, here it is... start hoppin'! Have a great time, and good luck!

Because we value our followers and wanted to treat you to our favorite things Oprah style, we have put together the best giveaway of the season! My bloggy friends and I welcome you to the best, biggest, most cheerful event of the season:

7 winners for 7 prize packs!

Come and enter the giveaway and check out my bloggy friends' favorite things:

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  1. I love Target shopping too! I feel like I can never get out of there without spending at least $100. By the way, your blog is so cute!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I know what you mean about the bill ... somehow the total always catches me by surprise!

  2. I always go straight for the dollar spot! Loved reading your post!

  3. Great post Linda! I love Target as well!!!

    1. Laura, you did a Grade A Super-Duper Over-the-Top job organizing this Blog Hop! I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

  4. I went into Target for three things yesterday, and came out with 20! But my home holiday decor got a LOT cuter, and the Dollar Spot had holiday post-its, so it was worth it!
    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. Sounds like me, Jennifer - there is some genius marketing going on in that place!

  5. Loved your post, Linda! It's so fun learning more about you! Yea, I'm a Target shopper too!
    Peggy at Primary Flourish

    1. Thanks, Peggy! Target Shoppers, unite! Get those red carts ready to roll! :)

  6. Those staplers are awesome. Wish I had one of my own!

  7. Mmmmm....I want a slice of great pizza now. I got spoiled growing up in upstate New York, and most Texas pizza spots I have tried don't measure up. (But the Tex-Mex is awesome!)

    1. Wow - a mix of Mexican and pizza? Sign me up to try that! Thanks for stopping by, Lisette!

  8. Great post! I love Target, too! I wish I had some pizza right now. One of my favorites!

  9. Thanks for your comment, Laura! I hope you get to enjoy lots of your favorite things this Christmas!


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