Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Winter! Free Snow Clipart

Hi, Teaching Friends!

What in the world did we do before clip art? Boring worksheets, plain old word cards, and  -gasp!!! - sometimes even our own "artwork" on classroom signs and games!

It's a new world in teaching materials, and fortunately there's also a whole new bunch of amazing clip artists ready to keep it bright, beautiful, and fun for our kiddos. 

Here's a sampling of some lovely and free winter graphics from TpT sellers. Be sure to check the artists' terms of use. Enjoy the goodies, and please thank the sellers by leaving a comment when you download.

Snow Day KIDS {Mini Set} - Digital Clipart

Snow Day Kids from The Creative Art Teacher includes the three graphics you see here, plus two cute background papers that will be useful year-round.

Check out the Snowdudes! These adorable mix-and-match cuties are the creation of Sarah Cooley.

This one is from Teaching in the Tongass. She's got a few other snowy freebies in her store that you'll also want to check out ... cute stuff!

If you're into owls, you'll love these little delights from NinjaWoman. My favorite is the skater with earmuffs! I love that NinjaWoman has also included the blacklines for each image.

Finally, if your heart is also captured by birdies with earmuffs ( I mean, really - how cute are they?!?), here are some more from KB Konnected.

Have fun making some new goodies for your classroom, or for everyone else's.  If you create something wonderfully wintery with any of these, please leave a link to it in the comments below!

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I guess the little birdie below had better get with it and put on some earmuffs!
Happy Teaching!


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    1. Thanks, Tara! I had fun looking at creations from some of the newer artists at TpT ... new to me, at least! Hope you're enjoying your Christmas break!


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