Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pinterest WOO-HOO!!!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Pinterest - you've got to love it! Home of some of the cleverest ideas out there!  We're all busy helping each other find the things we've been looking for before we even knew that we were looking for them.

And today I'm dancing around woo-hooing  because I've just discovered that 3,000 of you are apparently looking for some of the things that I really like, too! 3,000 followers - thanks, guys!!!

Here are two of my favorite boards. Just click on each image to go there. Those cute kids on my covers are from Teachers Scrapbook, by the way! :)

Here's my First Grade Day-by-Day Board ... because first grade is truly a unique and wonderful place to be!


And here's another board that I love to hunt up pins for! In first grade, sure - there's math, and science, and all the other things... but literacy is really what's at the heart of it all!

I hope you'll stop by and take a look at my 4,500+ pins, and I also hope that some will lead to amazing ideas for you and your students!
Happy Teaching!

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