Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Wonderful New Friends from Vegas!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Okay, finally, part two, introducing you to two more lovely people I met at the TPT Conference! If you missed my post about Michele Luck and Bex Mawn, check back here.

Tami Steele and I found each other in a very crowded and extremely noisy room, and discovered that as teachers in the primary grades we have much in common! Tami is from Georgia and if you frequent the K-2 stores at TpT, her logo may be familiar to you. She's Kamp Kindergarten!


Stop by Tami's store to check out her free Kids at the Beach Subtraction Math Center.  It's a great example of the clothespin clip card activities for which she's become well-known. While you're there, take a look at Tami's Back to School Bonanza, which is packed with 15 K-1 school-themed math activities.

One of the very last people I met at the conference was the sweet Shawna Devoe, whose blog is The Picture Book Teacher's Edition .


Is she cute or what? :)  Actually, Shawna shared that she does all of her own artwork for her product covers ... take a look and be impressed!

As we stood on a long line together, we had a delightful conversation! Most of Shawna's resources center on reading skills and strategies, and they're connected to many of the books that you're probably using in your classroom. So helpful, and a wonderful way for our little readers to learn! If you read Leo Lionni's Swimmy, you'll want her free list of leveled questions to go along with it. Shawna also has a skills pack to go along with Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby, one of my holiday favorites.

I met so many other wonderful people that I'm almost afraid to list them, for fear of inadvertently leaving someone out.  Pam KranzDarlene AnneConnie CasserlyJenn Sykes, ... it was truly was a delight and an honor to have the chance to meet so many others who share a passion for teaching!

Thanks for indulging me as I think back on the Vegas conference. Next stop: the Jersey Bloggers Meet-Up tomorrow!!

Happy Teaching!

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