Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning About Animal Classes - a Giveaway!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Is teaching about animals part of your science curriculum? Lucky you! Is there anything that our young students enjoy learning about more than animals?

I've  always thought it would be cool to build a whole year's curriculum around studying animals. Think of the math opportunities with measurement (Steve Jenkins' Actual Size comes to mind immediately for that one!) and writing number stories. An animal curriculum would be a perfect fit with Core standards for non-fiction reading ... how easy it would be to teach graphic organizers, and with all of the great kids' magazines available now, it would be a cinch to find lots of short passages for close reading. And then there's ... just stop me, I get carried away so easily with this cross-curricular thinking! :)

Anyway, if you do teach about animals and in particular about animal classes, here's a giveaway you won't want to miss! "Animal Classes" is a literacy unit designed to support your science teaching about animals. The giveaway is at Teachers Notebook, and ends tomorrow, 1/30. Three copies will be given away... hope you're a winner! Click on the image to go there.

* Thanks to her comment below, I've had a chance to read about a teacher who is making her dream of creating an animal-based curriculum come true this year! Be sure to stop by and find out more from Maria at First Grade Carousel. Here's a link to the beginning of the school year, with an overview of her program, but take time to read through to find out how her year is progressing and to see her amazing photos. Great job, Maria... your students must adore you, and are blessed to have such an outstanding teacher!

A new weekly "Just for Teachers" linky party just started up yesterday at Mommy and Me Creations.
There are lots of goodies to check out, so stop on by!

Happy Teaching!


  1. This year I began an entire first grade curriculum based on animals. I had to write it up and get approval from our district curriculum office. Then I applied for and received grant money. It is a work in progress. I keep finding myself saying next year I will add this or do that. If you'd like to see some of what we've done, I've posted several pictures in my last few posts. Maria

    1. Oh my gosh, I am jealous!! Kudos to you for undertaking this ambitious and amazing journey with your students, and also to your school district for being open to the idea!
      I'm looking forward to reading your posts, and hope other readers will also head over to see what you're doing.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much. I sent you an email and am hoping you received it. I have not been to the Teachers Notebook Store. I will have to head over and check it out. Happy February. Maria


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