Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Appreciating You ... will you be a WINNER?

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Don't you just love the way Teacher Appreciation Day has morphed into Teacher Appreciation Week? So much fun!!

Here's another way that I appreciate all of you: thank you for your comments on my resources!! They encourage me and inspire me. I love reading them, and do my very best to respond to each and every one of them. That's no small task, since I've had 1682 comments and countng! Keep 'em coming, please - I truly love them!

I'm linking with Christina at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for a share time of some of our favorite customer feedback - great idea, Christina!

So, here are three of my faves.

This set of "100 Riddles for the 100 Chart" is my number one seller!

This set was fun to make, and I've gotten so many kind comments about it that choosing was tough.
Here's what  CathyRenaker said: 
Cathy, I appreciated your comment so much that I put it right into the product description!
Next is "Making Predictions: Pictures for Using Evidence and
Prior Knowledge to Make Smart Predictions ".
Here's a comment from tmeek. I love to hear how this set is engaging her students and also giving her additional insight into their thinking... informal assessment, if you will!

The last comment that I'd like to share today is actually on a freebie! I really appreciate it when     teachers take a few extra moments to find a special way to say thanks. By the way, "Autumn Inference" (38,000 downloads -woo HOO!)  is the product that got me started making all those riddle sets that you now see in my store.

Here are the kind and encouraging words I received from mmarquis23.
I feel so... appreciated!  So let me share the love with some freebies. If you are CathyRenaker, tmeek, or mmarquis23, please leave a comment here along with your email address. I'd love to thank you by sending you your choice of any product from my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Click the link and have fun choosing!

One more day for shopping at the big TPT sale! 20% off all of my resources, plus an additional 10% courtesy of TPT when you use the code TAD13 at checkout today or tomorrow.. Just for fun, my items will still be discounted 20% on Thursday, but you might want to sve more by buying today or tomorrow.

Remember to stop by Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for the Feedback Linky Party.  Lots of teachers who are linked there are also sending out freebies for their favorite feedback. Maybe you'll see your own comments and WIN!

Happy Teaching!


  1. What a fun idea for a linky! We just opened at TPT, so I'm a way's away from this linky, but feedback is the fuel for more creativity...especially, of the positive variety.

    Off to check out your shop,

    The Classroom Creative

    1. So true about the feedback, Nicolette. Good luck with your TPT adventure - I think you'll love it!


  2. Great products deserve great comments! It is so nice to get feedback on your work and it really can help you make your products even better!

    The Math Maniac

  3. You are so right! Here's to lots of positive comments all around! Spread the love!:)



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