Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product Swap: A Math Journal to Love!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

I am so delighted to be participating in Jessica Ann Stanford's 2nd product swap at Mrs. Stanford's Class. Today's the big day, so I hope you'll hop on over and visit the linky that she's set up. It's a convenient way to get a close-up look at lots of great products for your class!

Thanks, Jessica, and thanks also to the very talented 3am Teacher for designing this cool logo!

I'm honored today to introduce you to my swap partner, Maggie Hufstedler, author of Maggie's Kindercorner. Maggie's blog is packed with terrific ideas (lots of freebies!!) for your K-1 classroom. She's got some great little foldable readers, which are awesome for packing your students' book boxes AFAP (as full as possible!!), which we all know is no easy chore this early in the school year. They're very nice for beginning readers, with lots of opportunities for practiving early strategies like directionality and one-to-one match.
I also loved Maggie's post about organizing crayons by color.  I did this in my clasroom and got some strange looks and comments about over-the-top OCD being passed on to my little ones. And now it's all over the internet. Hmmm. Among the many great things about teacher blogs and Pinterest, you feel less alone, and kind of affirmed. Know what I mean?
Do stop by and visit Maggie's blog... I know you'll really like it!

So, let me tell you about the terrific math resource that Maggie gave me to try out. It's a kindergarten math journal set that is very easy to implement with any math program you use. Each activity takes from 10 to 30 minutes to complete. There are prompts for every kindergarten Common Core Math Standard!

These are not your typical word problem journal prompts. They are very simple graphically (read: ink savers!), but also very versatile. Because the pages are not numbered, you can use them in whatever sequence fits your curriculum, or omit pages if you choose. If you use the page in October, you might use mini-pumpkin erasers as your manipulative. But if you don't use the page until spring, jellybeans will work equally well on the same page. Maggie suggests some materials to use with the pages to make them fun: paint dot markers (Bingo stampers), mini-stickers, magazine or cartoon character cut-outs, markers, pencils, or crayons.

There are 4 different sets available:

* Numbers to 10
* Numbers in the teens
* Geometry
* Measurement

Maggie was kind enough to share the bundled set with me : Common Core Math Journals for K-1st.
It's 129 pages, and you'll save by buying the whole set at once!

Since I'm not in the classroom, I did a few of these pages with my four-and-a -half year old granddaughter, who has another year before she goes to kindergarten but was thrilled to "do" school with grandma!

There's a cover for each section of the journal, featuring a sweet little puppy...nice for keeping each child's work organized in a notebook or folder over time. Wouldn't a notebook like that be a great reference point during parent conferences?

Here, we were working on basic number concepts. After trace-writing the number words, we used heart stickers as the manipulative. You can see on this page how simply Maggie has it laid out, leaving plenty of room for the children to record their work.

 We also did some ten frames and addition. Here's one of the geometry pages. I know it kind of looks like my little mathematician marked the sides of congruent triangles :), but actually that was her self-designed system for counting the sides and the corners of the 5 triangles she drew.

Solid geometry: finding everyday objects that are cylinders.
The prompts are versatile, clear, and easy to differentiate. Some children will add labels, others will not. Some will write the number model, others will stop at the picture representation. This resource is designed to meet the K standards, but would also be great for review early in first grade.
I will most definitely doing more of these pages with Little Miss Math ... because I suspect she'll be begging for them!
I hope you'll stop by Maggie's blog to read her review of my Animal Classes cross-curricular unit., 14 literacy activities to reinforce your science teaching about animals. It's 20% off at my TPT store from now through Monday night!
Happy Teaching!




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